Opus Music Academy will continue to accept new students while adhering to these conditions! 

Bringing Teachers and Students Together to Create Musical History Together

 Update: Beginning on June 1st, the Opus Studio in New Hope will open for piano, stringed instruments, and drum lessons only. Voice, brass instruments, woodwind instruments, and all in-home lessons will remain virtual at this time. The instructors and staff of Opus are dedicated to keeping all students and families safe and will be vigilant in taking all necessary precautions. 

Opus Music Academy will continue to accept new students while adhering to these conditions!

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About Us

Our Mission… to Bring Music to You

At Opus Music Academy, it is our mission to make music lessons available and accessible to everyone regardless of age, ability, gender, race, status, and income. We achieve this through many avenues: traditional in-studio lessons, in-home lessons, partnerships with Community Education programs for after school/on site lessons, partnering with co-working spaces in the metro area for the working adult to have lessons on site, and offering Scholarships to those in need.

It is our goal at Opus Music Academy that we are progressive in nature, forward thinking in mind, and most importantly: building caring, trusting relationships with every student and family. At Opus, we make musical history by bringing teachers and students together, no matter what.


October Featured Teacher

Christian Andrews

Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Ukulele

Christian’s Profile 

Q & A with Christian


What We Offer

Student Services

Whether you’re looking for instrumental instruction or vocal training, we can connect you with dedicated teachers from across the Twin Cities area who offer virtual or on-site services for you or your student.

Teaching Careers

Looking to expand your student portfolio?

We’re looking for enthusiastic and dedicated instructors across the Minneapolis – St. Paul area and surrounding communities to help our growing number of student-demands.