Opus Music Academy Who are we?

We are a full-service music school offering expert instruction on all instruments, including voice. Instruction primarily takes place at the convenience of your home! Music Lessons-whether private or group- also take place on site at Opus Music Academy.  We provide encouragement and guidance to help students develop discipline and confidence… while making music fun.

Group lessons, music classes, and summer camps are a vital part of achieving the mission of Opus Music Academy-to ensure that the learning, sharing, and making of music is accessible to everyone.  Opus is a place full of positive energy and excitement to create music in new ways, and through traditional approaches. Our instructors are passionate about trying new ideas, sharing music in new ways, and adapting teaching approaches based on the goals and learning styles of each and every student.

Opus Music Academy is dedicated to providing a solid foundation of musical literacy that will enable our students to make greater strides in any musical venture, or field, as well as assist them to develop a greater sense of self-confidence, and self-reliance.

Students of all ages and ability levels are welcome at Opus Music Academy. We recognize that every student will come to us with their own unique requirements and goals, as well as their preferred style of learning. We offer adaptive lessons as well.



About our Teachers

Our teachers are music educators as well as professional musicians who maintain active careers in the performing arts. They’re energetic, reliable, and enthusiastic individuals who possess the knowledge, skills, and savvy necessary to succeed in a challenging field. They are eager to share their knowledge and experience with our students, and will work with them in a supportive, encouraging manner to develop and reach their full potential.