Allison Eykholt

Allison Eykholt is both a trained professional musician and a third generation music teacher. She has taught music nationally and internationally to students of all ages and abilities. Her youngest student has been 2 years old, and her oldest has been 86! Therefore, it is always the perfect time to learn music. Allison is most passionate about collaboration and teaching with a whole person approach, as music benefits the mind, heart and soul. She believes much can be eased or solved with song. Allison was recently accepted into a Master of Music program with the Boston Conservatory, focusing on music education, specifically to children with special needs and autism. She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts from Earlham College.

Regardless of a student’s age, ability or background, Allison holds a commitment to educating with excellence. In addition, she has worked for many years in the health care world and carries with her a vision of healing that embraces the full dignity of each individual. When teaching music, she seeks first to understand where the student starts and where they hope to arrive as musicians, incorporating their natural interests into their educational journey.

Outside of music, Allison enjoys hiking, spending time with friends and family, traveling, and growing flowers herbs and veggies in her garden.




Monday through Saturday


Geographic areas served:

In-home and virtual lessons, at her home studio in S. Minneapolis, and at the Opus studios in New Hope and Robbinsdale.



  • $37 / half hour lesson
  • $42 / half hour lesson in home
  • $72 / hour lesson
  • $77 / hour lesson in home

Attendance Policy

Please provide a 24 hour notice before rescheduling a lesson. Any exceptions will be addressed on a case by case basis, including last minute health and family reasons. Remaining consistent with lessons is the proven way to improve. Practice makes perfect.