Austin Bowling

Austin first picked up a guitar when he was thirteen years old and instantly became hooked. During his high school and college careers, he played as part of jazz ensembles, school bands, and with various artists in genres such as Rock, Country, R&B, and Pop. Austin has experience as both a performer and producer and has taught music over the last eight years. He is currently working as a music director for The House Church in Eagan, Minnesota. Austin is passionate about helping students not only learn their instruments but also develop their own style through their playing. He puts a solid emphasis on music theory and technique, and strives lay a solid foundation and instill the same excitement in his students that he felt when he first picked up a guitar.




Contact Opus for scheduling


Geographic areas served:

Twin Cities Metro for in home lessons, on site at Opus Music Academy, and at the Flock Minneapolis studio.

Austin is also available for Online Private Lessons. 


  • $35 / half hour lesson
  • $60 / hour lesson

Attendance policy

All cancellations by either the student or the instructor must be within 24 hours of the next upcoming lesson. Students are encouraged to give as early of a notice as possible for any cancellation. Lessons should be rescheduled within the same week but if this can’t be done then lesson extensions and/or video lessons via FaceTime or Skype are available provided the student and instructor availability. All other attendance related questions should be directed to Opus Music Academy.