Connor Deborhegyi

Connor has been teaching for 2 years and is, for the most part, a self taught multi-instrumentalist. He specializes in guitar, bass, drums, songwriting, and music production. He has been playing music since 2005 and is currently in 2 active bands that play around the Twin Cities. Connor has been playing music since 2005, and is currently in 4 active bands that have played around the Twin Cities prior to Covid 19. Connor is also a mixing engineer and one of the head recording engineers at Casino Time Recording Studio in Northeast Minneapolis. He graduated with a degree in Audio Production and Engineering from IPR in 2017.


Outside of music, Connor has a huge love for animals – especially cats! He also enjoys playing tennis, watching animated movies, and eating breakfast which is by far, his favorite meal. Fun fact: Connor’s favorite instrument that he can’t play is the piano!



A note from Connor:

“I love getting a student who is completely new at an instrument and have the chance to watch their eyes light up when something clicks in their heads. That is one of the main reasons I teach. I took lessons for a few years when I was really young and I can’t remember a lot of what those teachers taught me, or what influence they had on me. As a teacher, I want to create memorable and inspiring moments with my students and get them psyched about learning an instrument.

I want to give my students a crash course on the things that I think will be the most helpful to them if they want to be good at an instrument. I am a huge advocate for giving them the tools to be able to go out and learn things on their own to help develop their musical personality. If they are self motivated, and passionate about the instrument in their hand, I can only guarantee the best results.”



Geographic areas served

The Twin Cities Metro Area and virtual lessons.



  • $31 / half hour lesson @Opus or at Minneapolis Studio
  • $51 / hour lesson @Opus or Minneapolis Studio
  • $5 more for in home lessons

Attendance policy

Students are allowed to make up any missed or cancelled lessons anytime during the month of lessons.
Work with Connor to reschedule.