Connor Deborhegyi

Since I began teaching the guitar, I’ve loved every single second of it. Helping someone navigate their musical journey is such a fulfilling role to be in! I love getting a student who is completely new at the instrument and to have the chance of watching their eyes light up when something clicks. That is one of the main reasons I teach. I want to create memorable and inspiring moments with my students and get them psyched about learning an instrument.


I am for the most part, a self taught multi-instrumentalist (Guitarist, Drummer/Percussionist, Bassist, and Singer). The instructors I’ve had for brief moments early on have inspired me to give back. My music making is mostly, if not entirely, in the recording studio. I compose music under my name, as a ghostwriter for artists, for commercials, film, as well as social media. What this primarily means is that I use a combination of my ear, theory, and overall musical taste to fill out/polish an artist’s ideas, or create full works that express who I am. That is a skill that I aim to give to my students: to use a combination of ear training, music theory, and technical knowledge of the guitar to demystify songs and learn them with ease.


As a teacher, I approach each student at an individual level with their own goals and aspirations for guitar in mind. I have/had students of all ages, from serious and passionate, to casual learners who just want to have fun and explore.


Overall, I am a huge advocate for giving students the tools to be able to go out and learn things on their own to help develop their musical personality. If they are self motivated, have a goal in mind, and love the instrument in their hand, I can only guarantee the best results.



Geographic areas served

Available for lessons virtually and at the Opus studios in Robbinsdale and Plymouth.


  • $35 / half hour lesson @Opus or at Minneapolis Studio
  • $64 / hour lesson @Opus or Minneapolis Studio
  • $8 more for in home lessons

Attendance policy

24 hours notice is required for cancellations. There are no reschedules or make-up lessons at this time. However if the student gives proper notice of a cancellation, a credit will be applied to your next month’s tuition. No call/no shows, or lessons cancelled within 24 hours are considered paid lessons. Family emergencies or medical emergencies are excluded from this policy.

The instructor may, at their discretion, cancel a student’s enrollment under any or all of the following circumstances. Termination is effective on the date of notice.

1) Tuition payments are not paid in a timely manner.

2) Student fails to show up without notice for 2 consecutive lessons.

3) Student’s conduct is rude, improper, or harmful.