Drew Stinson

Drew Stinson

Drew Stinson is a musician based out of the Twin Cities who began his musical journey at the age of 12, with the bass guitar. After playing in rock and roll and progressive metal bands throughout his primary school career Drew became enamored with jazz music and its traditions in high school which followed him throughout his career at McNally Smith College of Music as a bass performance major. During his stay at MSCM he played in every kind of ensemble imaginable ranging in genre from blues to pop. His experience playing in these various settings in addition to his formal education has provided him with the practical and professional knowledge to deliver a well-rounded education.

Drew believes “music is a language, and language is used to communicate stories about ourselves. As individuals, we all have something to say and I believe that the pursuit of that understanding is something we should strive for. In addition to a creative vision for oneself, perhaps the most important thing about practicing is not knowing what to practice but, how to practice. I believe in providing the skills needed to develop one’s own practice routine and the ability to prioritize within a musical life.” HIs mission is to provide students with a well-rounded learning experience that will teach each individual how to be a self-reliant musician with a creative vision all their own. Having fun is also important.




Mondays  12 pM – 6 PM

Tuesdays  12 pM – 6 PM

Wednesdays  2 pM – 6 PM

Thursdays  12 PM – 6 PM

Fridays  12 pM – 6 PM

Saturdays  12 pM – 6 PM

Sundays N/A

Geographic areas served:

Twin Cities Metro Area


  • $35/half hour lesson