Eric Bell

Eric Bell started learning piano in elementary school and got more serious with it in high school, where he began playing for a touring choir, jazz band, and the infamous “BubbleBeeTuna” small ensemble. In college, Eric started as pre-med but a music scholarship kept piano on his radar. His professor pushed him to another level and as his motivation for pre-med faded, Eric shifted to a major in music. In addition to school, he started a supervised program to teach piano to local kids.

Fast forward to today and Eric has taught for about 20 years!  Along the way, he played in rock cover bands, accompanied at many choir recitals, performed as a piano/cello duo at a restaurant for several years, and continued to perform piano solos and take lessons himself.

Since college, Eric has played chess competitively (and help lead a casual meetup), participated in triathlons (short-course!), and just recently started getting back into the “swing” of Lindy Hop (swing dancing). In addition, Eric discovered theatre and enjoys finding new favorites at the Guthrie and Orpheum theaters (and, of course, Broadway!).

In the near future, Eric is planning to get more fluent in Spanish in anticipation of traveling, to become a competent downhill skier, and to attend a variety of concerts, such as the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Storyhill (folk), M83 (electronic rock), and Billy Joel!



Geographic areas served

Eric is available for lessons at the Opus studio in Plymouth, MN.



  • $42 / per half hour lesson
  • $57.75 / 45-minute lesson
  • $73.50 / 60-minute lesson

Attendance policy

I allow one no-notice miss per year. I allow one 24-hour notice miss per month. I’m open to rescheduling with 24-hour notice if my schedule allows (I try to be flexible!). When someone schedules a time, that is my time reserved only for them, so please respect that as I will always do my best to respect your time. I do travel a fair amount (every 3-4 months on average), so I will let you know as far in advance as possible and of course won’t charge for lessons I miss. Sickness for me is rarely an issue, but again, I don’t charge for lessons I miss.

Teaching Philosophy

Every student is unique, so I will tailor lessons to best fit their motivation, personal goals, and their favorite music/styles. While I usually help students set and meet short and long term goals, I never set any particular lesson commitments. Every student is free to come and go as they please in my studio (with considerate notice one way or another!). I not only make students aware of outside opportunities for growth, but I also point out different concerts to go to or simply music to listen to at home. Many students play in recitals (at least two per year) and a few do MMTA contests/exams as well, but I never insist on those things. Most students just find them as fun events! Recitals are my favorite times of the year as all my students (and families) come together to do their best and support others. It feels like a club of piano players, and you’re invited to join!