Ethan Teel

A committed individual with 7 years of experience in the music industry, Ethan has one album, two released EP’s, a privately operated website, and prior internships with Black Label Music and TinderboxMusic.

Ethan graduated from McNally Smith College of Music with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Business and a minor in Songwriting. Since then, he has worked as a Publicity Intern for TinderboxMusic and as a Technician for Cedar Fair. Currently, Ethan works for School of Rock in Eden Prairie as a music teacher, music director, and studio coordinator.

Ethan is a film fanatic who in his youth attended various film-making summer camps. His favorite film is The Princess Bride and his favorite director is Stanley Kubrick. Ethan also enjoys writing music, lyrics, poetry, and other things he observes in his daily life.

For guitar, Ethan specializes in Rock, Classic Rock, hip hop beats, Funk, R&B, beginning Latin, and group guitar.



Geographic areas served

In home within 25 miles of Bloomington, at the Robbinsdale Opus studio, and in Ethan’s studio in Bloomington.



  • $30 / half hour lesson
  • $60 / hour lesson
  • $5 more per in home lesson

Attendance Policy

All cancellations by either the student or the instructor must be within 24 hours of the next upcoming lesson. Students are encouraged to give as early of a notice as possible for any cancellation. Lessons should be rescheduled within the same week but if this can’t be done then lesson extensions and/or video lessons via FaceTime or Skype are available provided the student and instructor availability. All other attendance related questions should be directed to Opus Music Academy.