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In addition to private lessons taking place at the convenience and comfort of students’ homes, Opus Music Academy is now proud to offer Summer Camps, Music Classes, and Group Lessons on site at Opus Music Academy in the Twin Cities.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Here are the classes and workshops with active registrations now open:

101A and 101B

Audio Songwriting, by Kellen Baker



Youth Beginning Guitar Group Lessons
101A and 101B

Audio Songwriting, by Kellen Baker



Ukulele Camps

Intro to Ukeulele Group Camps, 8 classes over 2 weeks

4 options to choose from

Ukulele Camp 1A Ukulele Camp 1B  Ukulele Camp 2A Ukulele Camp 2B  


Rhythm Cups Camp
101A , 101B, 101C & 101D

Rhythm Cups Exploration, Inspired by the movie, Pitch Perfect

4 Sessions to Choose From

Session 101A  Session 101B Session 101C  Session 101D  

Disney Showcase Camps
101A and 101B

An exciting Singing Camp for Girls, showcasing favorite Disney songs!

2 Sessions to Choose From

101A (8 days) 101B (8 days)  

Rock Band Camp
101A, 101B,
201A, 201B, 301A, and 301B

Gear up! Get your axes, sticks & keys ready, it’s time to rock’n’roll this summer!

6 Sessions to Choose From

101A (8 classes) 101B (8 classes) 201A (8 classes) 201B (8 classes) 301A (8 classes) 301B (8 classes)  

Intro to Improvisation Session (8 Classes)
101A & 101B 

Beginning Improv is the perfect class to learn the basics of Music Improvisation.

2 Sessions to Choose From

Session 101A Session 101B  


Intro to Modern Improvisation Styles and Techniques(8 Classes)

This class is an introduction to the world of live composition!

Fridays in April and May!



Music Theory Session (8 Classes)
101A & 101B 

A course for those who have always wanted to learn-or those who want to deepen their understanding-of Music Theory!

2 Sessions to Choose From

Session 101ASession 101B


Contemporary and Experimental Music Composition (8 Classes)

This class is designed to help start or further advance the budding musician’s experience with music composition.

Fridays in April and May!



All Ages Group Guitar: Beginning Level Session(8 Classes)

101A & 101B

This class is perfect for the student who has always wanted to try the guitar!

2 Sessions to Choose From

Session 101A Session 101B


More to Come

We’re just getting warmed up… so check back often for new options and opportunities!

Our Expert Instructors

Come from all walks of life and bring an array of experience and talent to our Opus Workshops & Events. You can learn more about our current roster of instructors and teachers here!

Student & Community Reviews

I’ve been taking piano lessons now with Kathy Petersen of Opus for almost 16 months and I’ve learned so much in that time. I’m 40 years old and it goes to show that Kathy’s style works, no matter where you are at in life… read more on Facebook

-Mike Petersen

I find Opus Music Academy to be motivated to provide an excellent music education. I highly recommend.

-Mysti Speis Dye

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