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Kathy Petersen

Executive Manager & President

Kathy Petersen & student

Kathy Petersen is the president of Opus Music Academy and holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from Augsburg College in Minneapolis. Kathy began playing piano in 1986 and teaching piano in 2009. She is currently working towards a certification in Piano Pedagogy in elementary, intermediate, and advanced piano as a student of the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Music Development Program.


Austin Bowling

Social Media and Marketing Manager









Austin first picked up a guitar when he was thirteen years old and instantly became hooked. During his high school and college careers, he played as part of jazz ensembles, school bands, and with various artists in genres such as Rock, Country, R&B, and Pop. Austin has experience as both a performer and producer and has taught music over the last eight years. He is currently working as a music director for The House Church in Eagan, Minnesota. Austin is passionate about helping students not only learn their instruments but also develop their own style through their playing. He puts a solid emphasis on music theory and technique, and strives lay a solid foundation and instill the same excitement in his students that he felt when he first picked up a guitar.

Ethan Teel







A committed individual with 7 years of experience in the music industry, Ethan has one album, two released EP’s, a privately operated website, and prior internships with Black Label Music and TinderboxMusic.

Ethan graduated from McNally Smith College of Music with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Business and a minor in Songwriting. Since then, he has worked as a Publicity Intern for TinderboxMusic and as a Technician for Cedar Fair. Currently, Ethan works for School of Rock in Eden Prairie as a music teacher, music director, and studio coordinator.

Ethan is a film fanatic who in his youth attended various film-making summer camps. His favorite film is The Princess Bride and his favorite director is Stanley Kubrick. Ethan also enjoys writing music, lyrics, poetry, and other things he observes in his daily life.

Madeline Baumgart

Administrative Assistant

Madeline Baumgart recently moved to Bloomington from Nashville, TN. After graduating from Tennessee Tech University with a degree in Piano Performance and Music Business, she decided to attend Augsburg University to pursue her master’s in Music Therapy. Madeline began working for Opus in May 2019 as a piano instructor, and was also hired as an Administrative Assistant shortly after.  Through her undergraduate degree, she has an education in marketing, economics, and business, as well as experience working as a Resident Assistant.

In her spare time, Madeline loves playing with her cats, Aurora and Anastasia, and hanging out with her nephew Noah. She also loves going on scenic walks, rock climbing, eating chicken nuggets, and reading. Although she misses her family in Tennessee, Madeline is excited to be in Minnesota and see some real snow!

Isaac Welsch

Photographer and Videographer

Isaac Welsch is an accomplished musician who has been playing for classical piano for 18 years and has recently delved further into jazz and the theory surrounding it. Isaac won the MMTA State Competition three times and he was also a finalist in the MMTA composition competition. In addition to solo piano, Isaac has performed with 6 different musical groups throughout the years.

Isaac attended Iowa State University and Michigan Technological University. Over the past 7 years, he was worked as a lifeguard, swim instructor, assistant manager, and as a math and ACT tutor.

Trinity Grewell









Trinity Grewell is a National Honor Society member who will graduate from Parnassus Preparatory School in the spring of 2020 and will attend college the following fall in pursuit of a career in Bio Psychology and Psychiatry. Trinity sings and is currently taking lessons from Opus Vocal Instructor Kaitlin Pearson, and she has been playing viola since the 5th grade and ukulele since the 8th grade.

Trinity is in the youth leadership committee at her church, Robbinsdale Parkway United Church of Christ, where she also plays in the Bluegrass Band. As well, Trinity is in the process of completing her Girl Scouts Gold Project, which is to create and lead a Mental Health Support Group at her high school.

Animals, dogs in particular, hold a special place in Trinity’s heart. She has a dog, Kaia, and a cat, Grace. Trinity also loves to read and has been creative writing since she was a child.

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