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Kathy Petersen

Executive Manager & President

Kathy Petersen & student

Kathy Petersen is the president of Opus Music Academy and holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from Augsburg College in Minneapolis. Kathy began playing piano in 1986 and teaching piano in 2009. She is currently working towards a certification in Piano Pedagogy in elementary, intermediate, and advanced piano as a student of the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Music Development Program.


Madeline Baumgart

Administrative Assistant

Madeline Baumgart recently moved to Bloomington from Nashville, TN. After graduating from Tennessee Tech University with a degree in Piano Performance and Music Business, she decided to attend Augsburg University to pursue her master’s in Music Therapy. Madeline began working for Opus in May 2019 as a piano instructor, and was also hired as an Administrative Assistant shortly after.  Through her undergraduate degree, she has an education in marketing, economics, and business, as well as experience working as a Resident Assistant.

In her spare time, Madeline loves playing with her cats, Aurora and Anastasia, and hanging out with her nephew Noah. She also loves going on scenic walks, rock climbing, eating chicken nuggets, and reading. Although she misses her family in Tennessee, Madeline is excited to be in Minnesota and see some real snow!

Reilly Mills

Administrative Assistant

Reilly Mills

Reilly Mills lives in Maple Grove with her parents and 2 adorable dogs, Dexter and Sabina. After 2 years at UW-Eau Claire, Reilly decided to take a break from school to explore some other options in 2018 and began working for Kathy Petersen as a nanny. As the president of Opus Music Academy, Kathy Petersen quickly identified additional untapped talents in Reilly and hired her on as an administrative assistant in February of 2019.

When she’s not working, Reilly plays on a co-ed soccer team and spends time working on volunteer projects that support children in need; specifically those in foster care and those fighting cancer. She’s also addicted to Sudoku. Reilly’s dream is to eventually move to a warmer climate and away from Minnesota winters. It’s a goal Kathy Petersen supports but is isn’t looking forward to when the day comes. 

Avery Karrow-Lewis

Administrative Assistant

Avery Karrow-Lewis lives in Brooklyn Park with his mom and cat, Luna. He currently attends Concordia College as a sophomore studying for his Bachelor’s in Piano Performance. He hopes to one day become a collaborative pianist that works with both vocal performers and instrumentalists. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with computers, reading, singing, and especially eating his favorite food, bacon!

Avery is very excited to be working as both an administrative assistant and teacher for the first time. As someone who hopes to teach in his later years, he finds this teaching opportunity to be very valuable, and is hoping to learn more himself.

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