Scott Naji

Instructor of Piano, Guitar, and Ukulele

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How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching piano for 5 years. I also started teaching beginner ukulele and guitar 2 years ago.


Which Opus Music Academy locations do you work? Do you have your own studio? If so, where is it located? Do you offer in-home lessons?

I work at the Opus New Hope location. As of right now I don’t offer lessons at my studio, but I offer in-home and online lessons.


What do you teach? Anything else you teach?

Piano is my main instrument. I also teach ukulele and guitar.

What is your studio story? How did you get to where you are now?

I started to teach piano when I was 17. I did it through the same academy that I was having piano lessons with for over 10 years. First, I was the practice teacher. My job was to practice piano with the academy’s students. After a year I started to have my own lessons and here we are!


What is one thing you think you do really well as a teacher?

As a teacher, I understand that each student communicates in their own way and one method will not work for everyone. I do very well on getting to know my students and utilizing different methods for each of them.


What is one thing you really struggle with as a teacher?

I really struggle with getting my books and papers organized. Sometimes I forget to print the needed music sheets for the day.


Share a funny student story:

So usually after a while that my student has learned the notes and can completely read music, I ask them,”Now we both have the enough information to play piano. Then why does it sound better when I play it?” I usually expect them to point out the correct use of damper pedal and dynamic signs or to wait for me to answer! I had this sweet 7-year-old student the other day who immediately responded,”because you have been playing the piano for a long time. If I was supposed to play better than you, then I should teach you how to play.”


What do you do to retain your students?

I try to be more than a teacher both for parents and students. I try my best to keep my students entertained to what we do. I communicate with parents about what we did that day after every lesson. I think the friendly environment that is made with me and my students is the most important factor in order to retain my students.


What is your niche? What sets you apart from other teachers?

My communication skills and creativity on using different methods.


What is your favorite band, artist, or composer? Why?

My favorite band is Uaral and my favorite pianist is Beethoven. However, I listen to a wide variety of music categories and I enjoy many different artists.


What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I am obsessed with tarantulas!


Let’s say you’re having coffee with a brand-new teacher.  What’s one piece of advice you wish you would have known when you started.?

I would say,”Don’t overthink anything in this matter. Trust yourself and do it in the way that you feel is right. Most importantly, stay confident.”


Let’s say you’re visiting with a teacher who is feeling burned out. What advice would you give to them to give life to their studio?

I would say, “No one said it was going to be easy. But nothing can stop you from changing it and rebuilding your career, maybe in a different way.”


We’ve all had that one student or parent that drives us crazy.  What do you do with that student or family?

I try to change myself and use different methods. Sometimes a new book as a reward or lending a kalimba for a week change everything. However, if it didn’t, I try to connect more with the parents and let them know what I am struggling with.


If you weren’t a music instructor, what else would you do with your life?

Probably a financial advisor and day trader. Maybe I would have worked as a music producer. I would also really like to work in the pharmacology area.


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