Zach Studdiford

Zach Studdiford is a music educator and performer based out of the Twin Cities, with a background in both classical and jazz piano. Zach began playing piano in 2010, and has studied music under Javier Santiago, Bryan Nichols, Kevin Washington, and Kavyesh Kaviraj, from whom he has received a diverse and intense education in jazz and popular music styles.

Zach frequently plays in restaurants and other venues across Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and has performed at the Twin Cities Jazz Festival three times, set to play again this coming fall. When not teaching or performing, Zach enjoys composing for small jazz ensembles, and recently recorded an album of original works set to be released in 2022.

Outside of music, Zach enjoys running, cross country skiing, and travel. He has made it a goal to visit all the National Parks in the United States, and loves going on road trips to visit America’s natural wonders. Zach also has a passion for computer science, and works part time as a freelance web developer.




Geographic areas served

Zach is available for lessons virtually, in home within 15 miles of West Bloomington, and at the Opus studios in New Hope, Robbinsdale, and St. Louis Park. 


  • $30 / half hour lesson
  • $42 / 45-minute lesson
  • $58 / 1-hour lesson
  • $5 more per in home lesson

Attendance Policy

Zach must be informed of a cancellation at least 48 hours before the lesson in order to be entitled to a full refund.

Teaching Philosophy

There are no shortcuts when learning to play music- classical, jazz, or otherwise. Learning to play requires not only extensive practicing and playing, but intensive listening as well. In regards to Jazz and Black American Music, the tradition is an aural one, and in order to really understand the music we have to go to the source, learning directly from the great musicians of the past and present. I emphasize an approach that values authenticity and collaboration in playing. Students are given a foundation and vocabulary for playing through transcribing their favorite players and developing a theoretical understanding of the music, and from there are taught how to play with others, and develop their own unique voice, in order to become a confident musician and performer.