Alex Heck

Alexander Heck completed his Bachelor of Music degree at Concordia College, Moorhead in May of 2017 where he studied trombone and brass studies under the teaching and direction of Dr. Nathaniel Dickey. He then went on to pursue a Master of Music at Boise State University in 2019 where he studied trombone and brass studies under the teaching and direction of Dr. Sarah Paradis.

Alex spends his time doing freelance performance work throughout Minnesota. He has performed with several ensembles and as a soloist with several groups throughout Minnesota including the Twin Cities Brass Band with whom he performed Cloud Rider by Dan Price in 2023. He also teaches at Schmitt Music and throughout Minnesota as a brass specialist and clinician. He enjoys spending his free time composing music. He is a big advocate for music and loves helping people improve themselves through music.





Geographic areas served

Alex is available for lessons in home and at the Opus studios in Plymouth, Robbinsdale, and St Louis Park.


  • $39 / half hour lesson
  • $58 / 45-minute lesson
  • $76 / 60-minute lesson

Attendance policy

If you need to cancel your lesson for any reason please let me know as soon as possible. If you are sick you can let me know at any time before the lesson. Please keep myself, my other students and those around you safe by staying at home. For any illness there will be no charge as long as you give notice before the lesson. Illness may potentially include mental health issues depending on notice and communication.

If you need to cancel for any other reason please let me know 24 hours ahead of time or there will be a lesson charge. For winter emergencies we can either reschedule or do an online lesson so please communicate around the weather as well.

For cancellations, rescheduling, or other concerns you can contact me at 763-482-3019 via texting or calling. You can also email me at

Teaching Philosophy

Throughout my teaching career I have learned that every student has the potential to love music and that every student has different needs. My goal as a teacher is to always work with each student where they are at. If a student is struggling that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have fun and learn. They may need extra care and support to help create an environment where they can learn and have fun.


My goal as a teacher is to provide students with a learning environment where they can thrive at whatever rate they need to. This means picking books specific to each student, working with them on what they need to work on, and taking them at the pace they need to at that moment.


We will set goals together that seem reasonable, and doable for the student. We will plan out a path that will be within the student’s abilities and resources. I promise to put the time and energy needed for each student so they can learn at the pace they’re ready to learn at.


We will work through several different books to achieve the goals we set. These books will be used to work on musical skills such as pitch, rhythm, articulation, brass embouchure, and many, many more.


I will always be available to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge and will encourage my students to ask as many questions as they have.