Brad Richardson

Brad Richardson first bought Sgt. Pepper when it came out and henceforth has lived in a world in which music is the highlight. His first “guitar” was a badminton racket, and whether or not his would-be Stratocaster guitar sounded, it still came out of the same pile of armor as did Jerry Garcia’s Rosebud with all the dreams and ambitions that accompanies such a musical artifact.

Brad went to Harvard as an undergrad and spent the first two years as a Folklore and Mythology major. He discovered that all he did, and all he wanted to do, was to play music and act in plays. Therefore, Brad completed his college years as a Theater Major. He attended grad school in Play Directing.

Professionally, for the first twelve years it was the Theater that “paid the bills”. Brad’s last professional gig was as a Stage Manager at The Children’s Theater Company doing twenty-four productions over the course of eight seasons. From there, he worked as the audio engineer for a television production company, Edelman/Magnetic Productions, and over the course of sixteen years worked on hundreds of half-hour TV episodes for HGTV, DIY, Travel Channel and the Food Network, responsible for all things audio from the RX to the mixdown. After he mixed his last show, Brad made the big decision to immerse himself in his true sparkle: music.

Since 2016, Brad has taught thousands of classes for Piano, Guitar, and Ukulele, and has loved every second of it. People need music. People want to know how to make music, but it’s hard. So, those who commit to learning a new art form – he admires those people very much. It takes courage to create, and Brad applauds those that take the trip. All in all, Brad has experienced the profound privilege of showing these sojourners how music works and how to play an instrument with grace.



Geographic areas served

Brad is available for in home lessons in a 10 mile radius of NW Minneapolis and at the Opus studios in Plymouth, St. Louis Park, and Robbinsdale.


  • $35 / half hour lesson
  • $52.50 / 45-minute lesson
  • $60 / 60-minute lesson
  • $8 more per in home lesson

Attendance policy

Students must provide at least 24 hours notice prior to the lesson time in order to facilitate rescheduling.


Teaching Philosophy

To me, playing a song in front of anyone (or no one at all) is about as satisfying and gratifying an experience as any I can think of. It’s all about the “song”- that feeling you get when you’re cruising through a tune.


I want this for my students – to experience the gestalt ( you know, an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts) of a well-played song. So from the very beginning, and to provide interest, I guide my students towards successfully playing their own favorite songs. They know when it’s right. They can feel it.