Written by Trinity Grewell


A few years ago, I went to my second concert ever; Sleeping with Sirens. They are a punk rock band who originated in Orlando, Florida. Their lead singer, Kellin Quinn, is very well known within the emo teenager audience. I had been listening to their music for a while (I was in my prime emo stage), and I saw that they were coming to Minneapolis to perform their new album Gossip. I looked up tickets; turns out, they were super cheap, so I invited a friend. My aunt came with us and it was my first experience of what small band concerts are like.

The concert was held in The Cabooze, a bar/small concert venue. It had a very interesting vibe to it. I felt ready to rock! It was not like a stadium where there were seats, it was just a big open space for people to stand, which gave me the opportunity to get right up front. There were three opening bands and I lived through one of the lead singers crowd surfing over me. (Side note: his back was very sweaty, so that was interesting.) During the more upbeat excitable songs, everyone started moshing, which was really fun. Despite the fact that it was January in Minnesota and it was like -6 below outside, all the dancing inside made the whole venue warm. I would totally do it again.


When Sleeping with Sirens finally came on stage, everyone in the crowd went quiet, and with no warning, everyone started cheering and screaming. All the jumping and dancing made me very dizzy and I had to get a glass of water from the bar, which I thought was hilarious. When I got back to the front of the crowd, I started dancing again. At one point, I made eye contact with Kellin Quinn and I felt so happy. I had a great night and I went home ready to crash into my bed and fall asleep.


I’m already planning on going to the upcoming concert at the Skyway theater this January 11th, 2020 at 7pm. Link to tickets: https://skywaytheatre.com/event/sleeping-with-sirens/