You don’t have to travel to a music class or facility to take lessons. You can easily join other Twin Cities Area  music students just like you who are enjoying music lessons in the comfort of their own home. Although in-home lessons isn’t the preferable option for everyone, there are many benefits of having music lessons in your own house. Let’s break down some of the key advantages.


Your time is valuable, and today’s society proves how busy our schedules are now.  But you can easily work around your schedule when you take classes at home. Instead of taking the time and coordination to trek out to a class, it can be much more convenient to have a teacher simply come to your house instead. Plus, the chances of forgetting important tools like the instrument and lesson books is pretty much is eliminated.


Let’s face it, you’re more comfortable in your own home. You also may have a preferable area or a favourite chair that makes you feel more relaxed. The more at ease you are in an environment, the easier it can be for you to get in the zone than somewhere you’re not familiar with. This is especially true for beginners and those learning a new instrument for the first time.

More Practice Time

If you want to become the best at something you need to practice. And if you are familiar with lessons in your home you will be more comfortable and inclined to pick up your instrument and practice more often. Plus, practicing in the same location can increase your retention of the lessons.


It has been proven that teachers can build a better relationship with their student when the student is relaxed and focused in their surroundings.

Cost Savings

When you add up the cost of gas to drive to and from the lessons, in-home music lessons offer good cost savings in the long run. Saving time that is otherwise spent going out to a class may also be worth a lot more to you – more time with your family, or spending it on an activity you love.

Students are more likely to stick with their instrument when they learn it in a comfortable location such as their home. Choosing lessons in your house over a class or facility can lead to success much faster and be worth the slight additional price of private instruction.